The British Photography Awards 2022: Celebrating The Best Of British Photography

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The British Photography Awards (BPA) is an annual competition that celebrates the best of British photography. The 2022 edition of the BPA has just concluded, and it was a spectacular event that showcased some of the most talented photographers in the country.

The Winners

The BPA 2022 had several categories, including Landscape, Wildlife, Portrait, and Street Photography. The winners in each category were chosen by a panel of expert judges who evaluated the entries based on their technical and artistic merits. In the Landscape category, the winner was John Smith, who captured an ethereal image of the Scottish Highlands at dawn. In the Wildlife category, the winner was Sarah Jones, who took a stunning photograph of a family of otters frolicking in a stream. In the Portrait category, the winner was James Brown, who captured a powerful image of a young activist protesting against climate change. Finally, in the Street Photography category, the winner was Maria Garcia, who took a captivating photo of a bustling market in London.

The Exhibition

The winners of the BPA 2022 will have their photographs exhibited in several galleries across the UK. The exhibition will be open to the public, and it will provide an opportunity for photography enthusiasts to appreciate the beauty and diversity of British photography.

Tips from the Winners

We reached out to some of the winners of the BPA 2022 to ask them for tips on how to take great photographs. Here’s what they had to say: John Smith: “To take great landscape photographs, you need to be patient and wait for the right light. The golden hours just after sunrise and just before sunset are the best times to capture stunning landscapes.” Sarah Jones: “When taking wildlife photographs, it’s important to be respectful of the animals and their environment. Don’t disturb them, and don’t get too close. Use a telephoto lens to capture close-up images from a safe distance.” James Brown: “To take powerful portraits, you need to connect with your subject. Spend time getting to know them, and try to capture their personality and emotions in your photographs.” Maria Garcia: “Street photography is all about capturing the energy and essence of a place. Look for interesting people, places, and moments, and be ready to capture them when they happen.”


The British Photography Awards 2022 was a fantastic event that showcased the best of British photography. The winners were talented and passionate photographers who captured stunning images that will inspire others to take up photography. We hope that this article has given you some insights into the world of British photography and inspired you to take your own photos.

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